Headline Honey x Jolin Prints

Sophie "Headline Honey" Thomsen is a Swedish west coast-based artist with a background mainly in the fashion industry, where she has had several of Sweden's largest fashion chains and brands as an employer. Among other things, she has worked as Head Designer and Design Director, had her own business in art and design in England and has been in the management of The Design School in Borås.

I don’t create for someone else to have something nice to look at, I want you to feel something.

Sophie's art has been exhibited in Brighton and Glasgow in the UK. Here in Sweden, she has had exhibitions in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. Her art has been published in Sweden and England on several occasions. Sophie's style is distinct and she has a unique way of capturing a feeling and depth with simple imagery.

Sophie started Headline Honey in 2011 after she, in addition to her job as a fashion designer, trained as an Illustrator at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. I had long felt that the fashion industry was not creative enough and I needed an outlet.

"I use my art the way I think many musicians and songwriters use music. It's my outlet to express what I need to express."

I would rather "make a mark in society" than be told that I am good.

A series of art to support the cause to stop men's violence against women

I didn’t go through all that for nothing

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Sophie grew up in the countryside near Uddevalla in Sweden in a very artistic and handy family, fond of crafting, painting and building. Among other things, my mother had a painting school for children where I hung out from the age of four. That's where it all started and since then, creativity and art have been a part of who I am. The art experience that has influenced and inspired me the most is when I saw Alexander McQueen's 'Savage Beauty' at V&A. It's the most powerful art I've ever seen!

Sophie is driven by a curiosity for the next project and to explore her artistry. Jolin Prints is incredibly proud and grateful that we get to be a part of her creative journey.

My favourite creation is always my next one. The one I have in my head but not yet on paper.