Julia Frej No.1 Poster
Julia Frej No.1 Poster

Julia Frej No.1 Poster

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Julia Frej is a Swedish multi-talent music artist and songwriter. She became a household name when she interpreted and performed the Swedish legendary group Broder Daniels’s classic song Shoreline on national television. The song went viral and her version “Vi är skuggor” (We are Shadows), has been streamed over 1,8 million times. (May 2021) 

In 2017 Julia released her debut EP “Fröken Frejs Epistlar” and the first single "Om det tar slut"  from her first full-length album “Silvertunga” is out now.  
Sophie “Headline Honey” Thomsen has done all the illustrations for the upcoming album and now you have the exclusive opportunity to buy them as posters with Jolin Prints. 

The Julia Frej collection by Headline Honey is printed on 170g classic poster paper (a little bit lighter than our standard paper) to get the true feeling of a “concert poster” at home. The posters are beautiful in a frame or a poster hanger and fit lovely in a gallery wall or as statement pieces on their own. Frame not included. 

Illustration Artist: Headline Honey  
Julia Frej on Spotify