Maija Hardorp x Jolin prints

Maija Hardorp is a Stockholm-based illustrator originally from Värmland in Sweden but she actually lives in Düsseldorf at the moment. This also reflects her artistic style, she is not a one-medium artist but jumps wildly between dry pastel, gouache, pencil, ink, etc. etc. She graduated from Konstfack 2018 and have been part of several art shows.

The original collection "Sleepy Pets" is drawn with dry pastel and is sold as a limited edition at Jolin Prints.

Each motif is available in 2 sizes and 20 pieces each. They are printed on premium 310g Hahnemühle German Etching paper with a rich texture. The pieces are numbered and stamped by hand with the Maija Hardorp X Jolin Posters sigil.

The Sleepy Pets collection started as a desperate attempt to shock myself out of a period of performance anxiety

I came up with the brilliant idea of making 100 drawings in one week. The result: About 99 more or less bland pictures, carpal tunnel syndrome and one quite good pencil drawing of my cousin's Danish-Swedish farm dog Yrsa.

I took a liking to the calmness and the "graphic" shape and pattern in the motif and thought that, with the right medium, it could do well in a series. It all resulted in the dry pastel collection Sleepy Pets, which is occasionally expanded with a new furry friend.