Sara de Basly x Jolin Prints

Growing up in the countryside of northern Sweden, her creativity mainly comes from nature. “Getting to experience the dramatically contrasting seasons near the arctic circle, with endless summer nights and dark, foreboding winters it’s no surprise that I became rather obsessed by light and colour. Reflections on a ceiling still bring back childhood memories of the northern lights dancing overhead”

As a 17-year Sara embarked upon her first photo project, traveling to Russia to document a school and village life, which cemented the idea that she would work with photography. 

I draw energy and inspiration from nature and I’m always striving to capture the magic of it on camera.

Sara studied photography & digital imagery at BrobyGrafiska in Sweden before moving to England to complete work experience in Brighton and London.
She is inspired by documentary photographers like Sune Jonsson and Martin Parr, and she have been exhibited in Brighton, Stockholm and Värmland.

With experience in photo studios and freelance documentary photography, Sara now works as a retoucher and travel photographer in Stockholm. 
When Sara and her British/French husband bought their first home in Stockholm, instead of buying art she decided to print it herself, introducing glimpses of Northern Sweden and British life to the apartment.

I see potential images everywhere, but it’s mainly interesting light or graphical shapes that make me reach for the camera.