Annelie Arn x Jolin Prints

I've always been drawing, it's a part of who I am. Drawing and illustrating is my therapy, my interest and it has become part of my personality, of who I am. I grew up in a family where everyone is involved in music in some way. When all the instruments were taken and my sister sang like an angel, I had to learn something else. Drawing quickly became my thing, I did it every second and everywhere.

I want to help people think outside the box, albeit for a little while. I hope my illustrations help people get that feeling to linger, so they make a braver, more unexpected decision than they would have made otherwise.

I want to convey a parallel universe where everything is possible

You only live once and it is important to dare to fail and laugh when you do it or to at least be able to do it afterward, Annelie says.

Each of my illustrations begins with a feeling I want to convey. Based on that feeling, I start to gather inspiration to finally start sketching. While drawing, I usually come up with more ideas. It's a bit like solving a puzzle. In the end, everything falls into place and the illustration is ready.

The best advice I have received is not to take life so bloody seriously